is Verse's second solo project to date. The sound Verse created in Dreamland is a mostly downtempo, dance, and electronic sound, rich with heavy with synthesizers laced with 808 drum sounds and fat trip-hop style beats. Jeremiah Lee "Verse" plays bass in a band called Rebelskamp, and is an aspiring electronic music producer as well, first releasing his solo debut "Real Eyes" in early 2000's, and in then 2017, he decided to produce and drop Dreamland. Verse got his start in music when he started a hip-hop group called LSP with his 2 brothers, producing beats and emceeing, and doing tons of live shows in their local area. His sound today has emerged from that old school hip hop sound and has morphed into a more electro feel, since he has also been influenced heavily by EDM / Trap / Trip-Hop and other dance music, which has been a creative focus for him, and has shaped his music into what it is today.