BIO: Jeremiah Lee, aka "Verse" is a hip-hop/edm/funk music producer from San Jose, CA who is also bassist in the band Rebelskamp. Verse and Rebelskamp's music are available on CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and more. Verse got his start in music when he, his 2 brothers, and long-time friend (see Kung Fu Vampire) created a hip-hop group, called LSP. Verse had a hand in LSP with producing beats, emceeing, playing bass, singing, songwriting, booking, promotions, and more. They released 3 projects as LSP, and the group grew a huge following by holding big events and live shows throughout the SF Bay Area. The hip-hop group eventually parted ways, and Verse started his solo production career. Verse then released 'Real Eyes', a hip-hop project, as his first solo debut CD release (Real Eyes is avail. on CD Baby). Verse then co-created and began working in Rebelskamp, with his brothers, Justin (synth) and Jesse (vox/guitar), along with Natasha Littlewood (cellist), Kenny Bundy (sax), Juan Maserati (keys), and Dan Gilardoni (drums), in order to focus on his bass playing, and creating live music. The live band has had some lineup changes, but has released three full-length albums to date, and continues doing projects and live events today. In 2017 Verse released 'Dreamland', with a whole new sound and feel. The Verse sound of today has emerged from a purely hip-hop sound and has spaced out into a more ethereal, slumping and bass heavy electro feel. Verse does beat production in all the following styles and genres: Hip-Hop, Trap, EDM, House, Trip-Hop, Funk, Reggae, Dub, & Breakbeat. Verse is still currently playing bass in Rebelskamp and is working on new music, in plans to drop a new solo album in 2018. Stay tuned and keep listening. See links for social media and purchasing or streaming the albums. Thank you for your support. Yee!